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    I checked out a book but it does not show up on my Checkout List?
    A book first appears in your Reservation List. The book that you check out will not show up on your Checkout List until you pick it up from a CFUG meeting.

    How will the books be delivered to me?
    Books must be picked up in person at the next CFUG meeting.

    How do I return the books?
    You should return your book in 4 weeks at the next CFUG meeting.

    I have books that I no longer use, do you want to add them to the library collection?
    Yes, please let us know and bring any book donations to the next CFUG meeting, thanks.

    I have a book on the reservation list. When will I receive it? The message says there is a long wait.
    Members may have a book checked out for 4 weeks. Sometimes they forget to return them on time. Books are checked out on a first come, first served basis.

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