This is a list of companies in the area that offer ColdFusion development services. This listing is not an endorsement of any sort, it's just giving you a place to look for local CF resources.

In alphabetical order...
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3plains 3plains is a full service internet marketing and web design company in Minneapolis, MN. We utilize a custom ColdFusion CMS system.
Alternative Systems Founded in 1981, Alternative Systems has been building quality, custom web applications using ColdFusion since 1997. Our ColdFusion consultants consistently push the envelope of ColdFusion development to create solutions that are fast, modular, stable, easy to use and easy to upgrade. We offer a wide array of ColdFusion services including technical support contracts, minor project updates or enhancements, system design, C++ or JAVA custom tags, e-commerce sites, large scale web applications, Web Services, XML, and enterprise level applications and integration.
ArcStone Technologies ArcStone is a tightly knit group of expert programmers, designers, technicians and system architects. We employ talented people who understand the Internet and know how to use the most up to date technology to help you achieve your online objectives. How ArcStone serves its clients... - Ebusiness Planning and Site Architecture Services - Web Application Programming - Interactive Design - Web Site Hosting, Email, and Monitoring - Search Engine Placement
Central Plains Design Business and the public are rapidly adopting the Internet as the primary source for their informational needs. Central Plains Design not only caters to customizing websites that will enhance your company image, but strives to make your transition into the "world of cyberspace" a very easy and fascinating experience. The goal of Central Plains Design is to create beautiful and affordable internet sites for small businesses.
Consulting by MMIC Technology Solutions We offer development services in Cold Fusion, Active Server Pages, and SQL Server. We specialize in helping medical practices with their technology needs.
Continuum Media Group, LLC We provide full web-development services from business analysis to Enterprise Integration. Heavy experience in object-oriented CFMX development. We advocate the best solution for the client's needs, and strive to match project needs with technical depth. Complete use of wireframes and prototypes. User experience is the primary guide, and anything less than an excellent user experience in a finished project is not acceptable.
Derrick Fountain media Derrick Fountain is an online media professional and visionary craftsman of life enabling technologies that transform how we access and share information. Mankato area hosting and development
Fresh Ride Internet Solutions Professional internet and intranet development; Cold Fusion, Asp, Java Script, DHTML, XML, Flash, 3D Graphics and animation, SQL Server, and Streaming Real Audio and Win media.
Got Intellect Professional Internet, Intranet and Web Application Development. Available for ColdFusion, PHP - MYSQL, HTML, hosting and many other IT services.
Jibben Consulting Services We offer Macromedia Certified ColdFusion consulting services as well as JavaScript, SQL Server 7/2000, and advanced RDMS design and development including stored procedure and triggers.
Lake Level Consulting Designing Web based solutions for over 17 years. We specialize in Adobe Coldfusion based solutions. Coldfusion is a powerful solution for database driven Web sites for business.
Martin|Williams, Tequila\Minneapolis Strategy, design, development: the three critical components of any interactive project. And like any serious Web consultancy, we offer a top-notch technology team that is well-versed in enterprise Web development and able to provide a broad range of specialized resources. But unique to Martin|Williams is our ability to apply a 50+ year legacy of consumer intimacy to the Internet. By combining our valuable history of strategic and creative branding experience with our superior technological capabilities, the end product is always stronger, more comprehensive, and ultimately more effective., Inc., Inc. has been developing in ColdFusion for a little over four years. Although they specialize in web development they can pretty much handle anything technology related.
Mindframe Mindframe is one of the nation's leading developers of custom e-commerce and content management solutions. Our services range from basic Web page design and programming to complex database design and integration of existing business systems. Our custom solutions deliver fast, reliable, easy to use, and scalable results.
StreamFusion Planning, developing, and implementing custom web-based business applications for small to mid-sized companies. Toolbox: ColdFusion, RDBMS design and development, Spectra, XML (WDDX), EDI Interfacing (legacy-system integration)
Supercreative Top-end design with branding, marketing and strategic vision plus powerful site development saving the day for our clients.
Tim Schottler Web Development I provide all services necessary to get your site or application online. I have flexible tools built already to let you edit and extend any part of your website and allow your users to interact with you and other users., LLC., the Designated Hitter for your web project. Any small projects involving ColdFusion development and database design is our thing. We also offer hosting for both static HTML and dynamic ColdFusion sites.
Webkit WebKit builds software to help you run your website. We have solutions for developers, designers, search-engine optimizers and clients who simply want a web site.
Word Design Minneapolis-based WORD Design creates brilliant, cutting-edge web sites, multimedia pieces and custom applications that serve their function well. WORD also offers marketing & promotion, multimedia and web hosting. WORD Design can and will do whatever it takes to meet your web development needs. Our clients are always satisfied.

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