The Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group (TCCFUG) started out as an Allaire ColdFusion user group back around 1997 hosted by Born Consulting. Not long after, Dan Chick took over as manager and the meetings took place in the main conference room of Creative Internet Solutions (CIS), located in the warehouse district of Minneapolis. Back in these days, CIS used to provide pizza and free beer, the meetings were always a hit!

Around the year 2000, Dan was moving to Denver, so Tom Lommel took the reigns after Dan did a great job getting the user group off the ground. During this time, the dot-com gold rush was nearing the end, and CIS (now owned by Syntegra), was moving out of its downtown offices. Space150 graciously offered to host the meetings at their nearby warehouse district offices and this continued for a few more years.

Early in 2001, Macromedia came into the picture and acquired Allaire. Would this be the end of ColdFusion? Many were worried, but it didn't take long for those fears to be squashed as the CF community grew even stronger.

In 2002, the group was running out of seats and parking around Space150, so Tom decided to look for a change of venue and the next CFUG home was in a classroom in the OEC Building of the St. Thomas campus in St. Paul.

In September 2003, Tom decided to pursue a new career track in acting, and turned the management over to long-time member Troy Pullis. Troy continued to lead the group at the St. Thomas location.

In December 2005, Adobe officially acquired Macromedia, and once again the ColdFusion ownership changed. This time the fears were calmer, and Adobe stressed its commitment to ColdFusion and the tremendous worldwide community of developers.

In January 2006, Easel Training in St. Paul offered to host the meetings. Easel solved our college campus parking issue (no more pay lot, street parking tickets, and long walks). They also had a huge meeting room with plenty of tables and chairs. This was enough room to fit a small group of 10 up to a large group of 75 or more. Easel's space was so inviting, that they also began hosting the Flash MN user group.

In May 2010, Troy steps as manager after 6.5 years. Jason Dean, Adobe Certified Expert in ColdFusion and active member takes over managing the group.

And this is where we are today...