Achievement Data, Inc - Online testing and evaluation.

ACME Guide - Apache, ColdFusion, MySQL, and Eclipse (CFEclipse) setup guide. A must read for any CF developer!

Adobe Group - The TCCFUG's official group home @ Adobe. Please create a profile and join our group.

ASFusion - Nahuel Foronda and Laura Arguello's blog that includes excellent postings on CFForm and ColdFusion in general.

Blog from Ben Forta - Thoughts, ideas, tips, musings, and pontifications (not necessarily in that order) by Ben Forta.

Blog from Brandon Purcell - Adobe Support Engineer and Consultant shares his CF insights.

Blog from Ray Camden - Ray is known as the Jedi Knight of ColdFusion and is a valuable member of the CF community.

Blog from Sean Corfield - Thoughts from the Director of Architecture in IT at Adobe on: ColdFusion MX, Rich Internet Applications, software design... and neat CFMX hacks! - The purpose of this site is to act as a community resource for CFCs (ColdFusion Components) for ColdFusion MX. - The purpose of the Common Function Library Project ( is to create a set of user-defined function (UDF) libraries for ColdFusion 5.0 and MX. These libraries are open source and may be used and modified to your liking. Functions range from email format checking to encryption routines. These UDF samples can greatly speed up development time as well as add new and powerful features to your web site. - Dean Harmon, CF engineer at Adobe, blogs about printing and reporting in CFMX 7.

ColdFusion Cookbook - The purpose of this site is simple - help people solve problems in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Many of the problems that developers encounter are problems that we have all encountered.

ColdFusion Developer's Journal - A print magazine devoted to our favorite language

Cool Home Pages - A totally cool web design top list, and very useful forums to answer questions on all kinds of web design and development...

Defusion - Classic CF Site, with good articles and message forum.

Developer Center from Adobe - Best resource for great tutorials and resources direct from Adobe and the development community.

Fusebox - A popular architecture for developing CF applications

Fusion Authority News - Find out about the world of ColdFusion news articles and join one of their mailing lists such as cf-talk.

House Of Fusion - Home of the cf-talk mailing list. The best in peer-support.

IRT - A very cool and resourceful guide to tons of different web languages. Plus tons of examples.

kdub's blog - Kurt's blog on Java, OS X, and of course ColdFusion.

Learn ColdFusion MX - Great place to get started on the track to CFMX.

m a c h - i i @ c o r f i e l d . o r g - Sean Corfield's MachII Blog

MachII Forum - Forums on

MN Flash User Group - Twin Cities based group which targets a broad Flash user base with monthly meetings.

MN Flex/Flash User Group - Twin Cities based group dedicated to the professional development and collaboration of advanced Flex/Flash programmers via monthly meetings.

RIAForge - Now you can integrate existing or new open source projects in a centralized repository with simple functions and options for managing projects and more complex options for managing source code. RIAForge provides a consolidated hosting environment that transcends tools, geographies and functional teams and enables more efficient use of your time and resources.

TCCFUG on Twitter - Follow the TCCFUG on Twitter to stay up to date with the user group. - Best Text Editor, clean and very fast and powerful.

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