Here is the all the content our presenters have supplied for public consumption, enjoy...

To get your name listed here, just put together a ~30 minute preso and showcase your knowledge at a future CFUG meeting. If you need more reasons to present, read the Top 10 list or

October 1st 2014
Cloud Considerations with Ted Steinmann

Cloud Considerations As web professionals we've been discussing cloud computing for nearly a decade ...and if we haven't been, we should be. Amazon web services officially launched in 2006 and since then has been at the forefront of everything cloud from Netflix to NASA. Recently there has even been a resurgence of acceptance and adoption from the most secure and secretive likes of the CIA and Department of Defense. Public clouds, private clouds, Cirrus, and Cumulonimbus, this meeting will provide basic background of what's available for getting started with Amazon Web Services for web applications from a beginner's perspective.

April 2nd 2014
Git and Git Work flows with Sunil Mendu

March 5th 2014
Leveraging the Power of Smarter Organic SEO with Jenny McDermott

Leveraging the Power of Smarter Organic SEO to Drive More Customers to your Website at No Cost to You.

Every day small business owners compete online with companies that have million dollar advertising budgets, trying to ensure that their businesses are found by prospective customers. But how do you win this online marketing game? While paid campaigns like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads seem to be all the rage with small business owners lately, there is an even more e ective and completely free solution for being found by your future customers: organic (free) search engine optimization.

With recent changes in search engine technology, your strategy must change. In this helpful session, you'll learn new tactics to win the search engine optimization game.

By the end of this session, you'll be able to:

  • Improve the signal-to-noise ratio for your web presence
  • Get found by the right people
  • Get conversions and support existing customers

October 2013
Back to School: MVC and ColdFusion Frameworks - Ben Ellefson
Ben Ellefson's MVC & Framework - Files.

August 2013
Implementing CKEditor within CFML - Ben Ellefson
We dove into the world of CKEditor. Learned how to give users a wysiwyg editor that is the industry standard. Included code examples from the basics to implementing a simple instance all the way to customizing and creating your own dialog boxes.

June 2013
TCCFUG Website project
Code camp style, checked out ImageTrend and talked about future meetings.

May 2013
Kishore Balakrishnan and Rakshith Naresh - Overview of CF10
Kishore Balakrishnan, Product Marketing Manager at Adobe and Rakshith Naresh, Product Manager for Adobe ColdFusion gave us an Overview of CF10 at the cfObjective() conference and gave away a free pass to one lucky attendee!

April 2013
Jennifer McDermott - SEO for programmers
Optimizing SEO on dynamically generated pages and the latest Google issues
Adobe Connect Recording

Februrary 2013
Arun Rana - SQLserver skills for the coming zombie apocalypse!
Adobe Connect Recording

January 2013
Jake Johnson's Fixing Meetings presentation.
Ted Steinmann's TCCFUG Website Project presentation.

March 2012
Ben Ellefson's FW/1 - Framework One presentation.

Jan 2012
Ted Steinmann's ColdSpring the basics pdf file.

Dec 2011
Kurt Wiersma's Event Gateways pdf file.

Aug 2011
Ben Ellefson's Fun with jQuery zip files.

Jan 2010
Ted Steinmann's SVN - Application versioning / Basics of branching and tagging zip file.
Tim Meyer's ORM - Persisting Binary data in a Database using ColdFusion 9 zip file.

Dec 2009
Kevin Penny's Active MQ / JMS Messaging with ColdFusion Gateways zip file.

Nov 2009
Will Genovese's Home-brewed CF Monitoring zip files.

Oct 2009
Steve Schefsky's Patching ColdFusion zip files.
Ben Ellefson's Managing Multiple Websites with one Codebase zip files.

Sept 2009
Jason Dean's Hands-on Building an Adobe AIR application with HTML, JavaScript, jQuery and SQLite zip files.

Aug 2009
Kevin Penny's Search Engine Death Match: Solr (Lucene) vs. Verity preso in PDF format

July 2009
no meeting

June 2009
Ben Forta ColdFusion 9 "Centaur" user group tour. You were probably there, but in case you missed the fun, here are the pictures.

May 2009
Sean Schroeder from Blue River Interactive gave demo of Mura CMS

Apr 2009
Kurt Wiersma's Javascript Library Death Match presentation as PDF.
Jason Dean's App Security preso as Open Office Zip.

Mar 2009
Jason Dean's The Basics of HTTP preso zip files. Power Point | Zip | Open Office Zip
Daryl Banttari's packet sniffing preso posting TBD.

Feb 2009
Mark Phillips blogs about Project Management at
Here is the link to the free Vertabase Timer app.

Jan 2009
Fred Anderson's ColdFusion & AJAX with jQuery preso.
Daryl Banttari's Java Stack Traces link to preso slides.

Dec 2008
Troy Pullis's LiveCycle DS and Flex lab setup directions (what he learned from Forta at MAX).
Steve Schefsky's Regular Expressions RegEx preso (zipped)

Nov 2008
Kurt Wiersma's CF and Blaze DS presentation as PDF.

Oct 2008
Jason Dean's Application Security Part 2 powerpoint and Hash and Salt example code

Sept 2008
Ben Ellefson's SQL Injection preso (zipped)
Jake Pilgrim's ColdFusion 8 Built-in AJAX preso (zipped)

Aug 2008
Jason Dean's Application Security Part 1 powerpoint

Jul 2008
No meeting this month.

Jun 2008
Fred Anderson's Data visualization preso (PDF)
Jason Dean's Application CFM to CFC conversion preso powerpoint (zipped)

Apr 29, 2008 (in place of May meeting)
Mike Culver's Amazon Web Services powerpoint

Apr 2008
Kevin Penny's Advanced Multi-Server CF Installation & Development powerpoint (pptx and ppt in zip file)

Mar 2008
Derrick Fountain's Mobile Web - Tools and techniques for developing mobile web applications in ColdFusion 8
Saviz Artang's Agile development PPT (zipped)

Feb 2008
Kurt Wiersma's local development setup (PDF)

Jan 2008
No meeting this month.

Dec 2007
Fred Anderson's SVN and TRAC preso (PDF)

Nov 2007
Benjamin Ellefson's Google Maps zip file of code samples.

Oct 2007
Jake Pilgrim's Object Oriented programming with CFC's zip file.

Sept 2007
Jared Rypka-Hauer's CF8's cfzip tag PPT preso and demo files zipped.
Peter Farrell's YSlow preso in PDF format.

Aug 2007
Fred Anderson's Screen Scraper CFM, SQL, and XML files are zipped.
Kurt Wiersma's Spry preso is company proprietary, and not available for download, sorry.

July 2007
No meeting this month.

June 2007
Jim Louis' qForms preso and associated files are zipped.
Troy Pullis's Zip CFC demo code is zipped.

May 2007
Charlie Arehart's "Caching In" on CF Performance PPT file and sample code zip file.

Apr 2007
Doug Arthur's Bitwise Security preso PPT file.

Mar 2007
Peter Farrell's Becoming an LLC preso in PDF format.
Jim Louis' Job Board software PPT file.

Feb 2007
Dustin Tauer's Flex 2 skinning zip file.

Jan 2007
Daryl Banttari - presented SQL tuning. Visit Daryl's site for more info.

Dec 2006
Jake Pilgrim's Credit card processing zip file.

Nov 2006
Josh Adams from New Atlanta - BlueDragon preso zip file.

Oct 2006
Jared Rypka-Hauer's XML preso PPT file.

Sep 2006
Dustin Tauer's Flex 2 code samples zip file.

Aug 2006
Troy Pullis's Spry data filter zip file.
Benjamin Ellefson's SES URLs PPT.

July 2006
No meeting this month.

June 2006
Peter Farrell's Lyla Captcha preso in PDF format.
Troy Pullis's CF7 DataGrid zip file.

May 2006
Peter Farrell's Google Analytics preso in PDF format.

Apr 2006
Jared Rypka-Hauer's CFEclipse PPT

Mar 2006
Ben Forta - Flex 2

Feb 2006
Dustin Tauer's Flash remoting w/CFCs zip file
Peter Farrell's Subversion (SVN) code versioning preso in PDF format.

Jan 2006
Kurt Wiersma's OO design patterns w/CFCs zip file

Dec 2005
Kevin Penny's Fusebox 101 powerpoint
Peter Farrell's Holiday Provider CFC code is posted on his blog.

Nov 2005
Danny Patterson's AJAX zip file
Troy Pullis's MAX 2005 tidbits powerpoint

Oct 2005
Peter Farrell's Mach ii preso in PDF format.

July-Sept 2005
No meeting in July. No content from Kurt's CFUnited overview in Aug. No content from Daryl on SeeFusion in Sept.

June 2005
Shelley Paulson's powerpoint on Design & Usability: cfugpreso.ppt
Dave Werden's zip file on Dreamweaver power tools:

May 2005
Jared Rypka-Hauer's SQLSurveyor 1.0 product link:

Apr 2005
Jason Baker's DNS Powerpoint - GotDNS.ppt
Troy Pullis' CFChart preso materials -

Mar 2005
Roy Hallanger's preso about CFMX7 Report Builder - ReportBuilderDemo.pdf
Kevin Penny's powerpoint about webservices - CFUG_WebServices.ppt

Feb 2005
Jared Rypka-Hauer's powerpoint about Frameworks - cfdevelopmentframeworks.ppt

Jan 2005
Dave Werden's preso on Dreamweaver templates and using CF includes:

Dec 2004
Kurt Wiersma's CVS talk - CFUG_CVS.ppt
Jared Rypka-Hauer's preso about securing PDF's inside SQL Server - click here for source code and demo.

Nov 2004
Mike Wallick's CSS2 Positioning powerpoint - css2-preso.ppt
Mike's CSS code zip file -

Oct 2004
Jared Rypka-Hauer's preso about CFLOGIN usage -

Sept 2004
Ann Bernstein's Survey Application powerpoint - cfug_preso.ppt
Kevin Penny's XML powerpoint - XML_CFMX_SQL.ppt

Aug 2004
Gypsy Rogers' Regular Expressions preso - RegExCF.pdf

June 2004
Charlie Arehart presented on Web Services and BlueDragon - both PPT's in zip file
Craig Rosenblum blogged about Charlie's visit here.

May 2004
Troy Pullis's CF101 presentation -

Apr 2004
James Squires's code examples about the Flash DataGrid component -
Kevin Penny's Stored Procedure discussion.

Mar 2004
Tom Lommel's talk about Worst CFML coding practices
Troy Pullis's Library app Part 2 discussion.

Feb 2004
Paul Dormody's Combo Box Magic powerpoint
Troy Pullis's Library app w/Amazon web services powerpoint. You can also download the entire app and use the code as you wish -

Jan 2004
Jason Baker's High Availability powerpoint
Kevin Penny's CF_FormSave custom tag powerpoint.

Dec 2003
Troy Pullis's MAX 2003 brain dump powerpoint
Jamie Gehrlich's Flash Remoting presentation. Also found here.

Nov 2003
Steve Jennen's CF to PDF powerpoint and helloworld example
Ryan Brueske's Froogle online store zip file

Feb 2003
Dan Chick's overview of his Black Box methodology (79k PPT) and sample code.
Troy Pullis' walk-through of dynamic file delivery using CFFILE, CFCONTENT, and CFDIRECTORY (134k ZIP)

Jan 2003
Tom Lommel's Flash messageboard using CFC's and FlashRemoting - Messageboard code (382k ZIP)

Dec 2002
Attila Domokos' CFMX & XML Presentation:
Presentation (240k PPT)
Sample Files (149k ZIP)
Tom Lommel's Recap of DevCon 2002:
DevCon 02 Preso (44k PPT)

Nov 2002
Charlie Arehart's Presentations:
CFMX Hidden Gems (607k PDF)
Dreamweaver MX for Studio Users (79k PDF)

Oct 2002
Craig Rosenblum's presentation on Being A Better Coder
Source files for Tom Lommel's presentation on Charting in CF MX

June 2002
Michael Smith's Fusebox Presentation
Common Project problems (12k PPT)
Presentation (228k PPT)
Sample App (113k ZIP)
Fusebox Links:
   - Hal Helms' person site
   - Len Bjork Borkman's site - home of WireFrames, Source Browser, DevNotes Deluxe and more
   - Synthis - maker of Fusebox code/development tool, Adalon
   - - Test Harness, Fuseminder, and more

Apr 2002
Alan Shilepsky's Writing Smart SQL Presentation
   Alan's zip with sample database, examples, and PPT preso can be found here.
Flash MX sample applications:
   - Creating forms with Flash MX
   - Colin Moock's Addess Book Application
   - Miscellaneous Flash MX sample files

Jan 2002
Tom Lommel's CF Best Practices Presentation

Apr 2001
Tom Lommel's CF Studio Presentation and Code Soup Files

Mar 2001
Dan Chick & Steve Stwalley's CF/Flash Presentation