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Aquaries Media Website Our company's website... Justin Lee
Blackbox The methodology i created for designing modular sites in CF Dan Chick is owned by Christian Music Entertainment Group, LLC (which is owned by me) and is being built into an online Christian Music store for independent artists. Currently the sites run on CF/PostgreSQL in a very old and loose version of Fusebox. Wil Genovese
ColdFusion Tips Plus Weekly CF ezine Nathan Stanford
Daryl's ColdFusion Primer Intro to ColdFusion for programmers Daryl Banttari
David Werden Publications A dynamic site that includes banner management and a browser-based administration tool. Also uses CFMX's XML integration on some pages and a couple of Flash movies. David Werden
Hebrew Heritage Publications, Inc. Hebrew Heritage Publications, Inc. flagship product marketing site. Based loosely on Fusebox, the entire content is in a single file, including the form action URL on the content page. The sidebar on the left is an include with a web-based interface for changing the content. Jared Rypka-Hauer
LawMoose Law portal for Minnesotans and Wisconsinites. Includes thesaurus-powered legal reference libraries and the Web's first regional legal search engine. LaVern Pritchard
Marvin Windows Highly personalized (by audience - try going in as a homeowner, then starting over as a builder...), Spectra site. Cool features: Idea File, nice gallery application. Jason Thorpe
Minnesota Ski Council Site I built for the MSC in my spare time. Has dynamic news on both frontpage and club level. Also has a nice trip calendar to see which clubs are going where. Ted and Alec TCCFug Admins Free Leading Showcase Web Portal for Models and Photographers - Built in ColdFusion - Been operational over 5 years - Hosted in the Twin Cities for over 4 years. Stuart Burden
SeeFusion ColdFusion Server monitoring Daryl Banttari
Sioux Nation Ag Center A Cold Fusion driven site that combines our own custom development with some modified 3rd-party solutions. David Werden
St. Olaf Online Calendar System This is a calendar system I built for St. Olaf College. I also did the other CF parts of this college site including a new release system, online admissions application, and a content management system. Kurt Wiersma
TED Machine This is my new HTML updated site that can now have Cold Fusion applied to it. I am a little scratchy transferring to the mac though. Ted Clark
The Scotts Company Fusebox 3 Site running on MX/SQL2k. Highly available and load balanced. The Scotts Company is the world's leading supplier and marketer of consumer products for do-it-yourself lawn and garden care, with a full range of products for horticulture as well. Jason Thorpe
Tim Schottler Web Development I develop custom websites running in my content management system, SiteEngine. SiteEngine includes: - Skinning of the site with themes that have no design limitations. Use CSS, tabling (if you must), Flash, mix it all up, do whatever you like. - Advanced content management - rich text, file management, custom form designer to collect user information. - Module designer - Users can create their own applications for collecting data and displaying it on their site in usable formats. Tim Schottler
Trunkful Technologies, inc. ColdFusion programming, ColdFusion server administration, JVM tuning, code tuning, SQL tuning, debugging, consulting, CFML, CFC, programming, ColdFusion Builder, CFEclipse, Linux, Apache, web server administration. Wil Genovese
Ultimate Pheasant Hunting Ultimate Pheasant Hunting is the #1 dedicated pheasant hunting website on the internet. Built in Coldfusion and mySQL. Ryan Trask
Universal Gift Registry/Wish List a unique wedding registry (and baby registry) that allows you to register gifts from any merchant. Now you can have one gift registry for all your gifts. Mike Steigerwald
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